I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Reading Reflection 24

I've still on Artemis Fowl and so far it's been interesting , a woman was about to do the the reconisance test with the chief officer of an secret agency.
It's almost time for the trap to go into action.

Page 33
Chapter 2

Friday, 25 October 2013

Read and Reflect 23

I've started reading a new book called Artemis Fowl  I haven't really gotten that far yet but what i've read so far is alright, i've gotten up to 28 pages. It's about these mythical hunting down rouges from the surface (human world).
Chapter 2

Friday, 18 October 2013

Read and Reflect 22

I haven't been reading much this week lately since I wasn't here on the first day and I had spelling .
Right now I'm on page 57 just past chapter six. When they got back some of the animals were dead and then they were trying to contact their parents.

Book: Tomorrow when the war began
When: 18/10/13

Friday, 27 September 2013

Reading reflect 21


I finish  my  first novel which was the outsiders  now I'm reading tomorrow when  the war began by John Marsden. I'm up too the part where  they just got back home and they saw dead dogs in the streets. Im in Page 55 chapter 3.
Alot of stuff has happened like them finding a Campsite  underground  and finding gold.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Reading Reflection #20

Hey guys.

The outsiders Ponyboy and Johny have come back as heroes. They are not getting arrested by the police, they just saved children from a burning building. Johny couldn't get out in time. So when they came back, John went to the hospital.
And they came to visit.

Page 150.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Reading Reflection 19

We are over page 100 and we have done our novel task,
Pony boy and Johny have just move to a place on hill,  they live in an abandoned church.
They just cut their hair and trying to forget what happened.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Reflect Reading #18

We've been reading the outsiders the groups gotten to page 25 chapter 2, so far the main guy, pony boy, and two others from their gang are going this theater and after that their about to go home and rest.
This book so far is the socs gang jumping the greaser gang which is the main gang of the story.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Read and reflect number 17

Well hi guys.

We have been doing  Novel Study's and my group have been reading  the outsiders, it's a book about a gang rivaling another gang. My group has only gotten up to page 15. The story so far is one of the guys from the gang have been kidnapped  by the rival gang and he's gang just saved him.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Eleven Before Eleven

Hello People,
Eleven before Eleven is (in a short explanation) is eleven things that you should do, before turning eleven.

So 1st is travel the world when your still young, embrace the world.
You should  do this so you can learn new cultures.

2nd is probably go for Big holiday at the end of every year. 
Because you need to have fun and relax.

3rd would be to meet alot people (kids) and be friends with them, make friends and they can help, Friends are forever guys just remember that
They can be succesful in the future and they can help you out.

Number 4 is play alot sports before turning old.
Because when you're old you won't be able to move as quickly and your mind will think more quickly.

#5 Swimming with sharks (in a cage) in the aquarium 
Because it would be cool and you might get over your fear of sharks.

Number 6 is meet famous people.
Because it's an experience you will never forget.

7  read a whole lot of books
Because they can teach a lot of things that help you

8 is go to camp  with some good friends
Cause camp is cool.

9 Sky dive to school
Because it seems cool and I always wanted to try it.

#10 Go to school trip to The Gamers museum.

Number 11 is to enjoy life being young.
Cause youth is important.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Reflect Reading #15

Hi-lo Guys.

This is Reflection #15 guys, I got two new books from the new library at  Tawa Intermediate. The first is Don't kiss girls, which is a book about a guy that chases a girl trying to kiss her, the second is just Disgusting which is one of my favourites of the Andy Griffiths saga, it's just a whole lot of story's in one book.
I'm still reading the games but I'm leaving that to last.

From Jullian

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hansel and Gretal

Once upon a time.
Hansel and Gretal were walking through the woods with their uncle, when, their uncle said to wait here while I go find something to eat, but what he really meant was I am sick and tired of you two always annoying me, so he ditch his nefue and niece in the woods, left to die. When Hansel and Gretal got tired of waiting, they went too look for their uncle but all they found was gingerbread house in the middle of the woods.

They knocked on the door and it opened, when they went in, a witch surprised them and said ahhh a witch, the witch said oh pretty little children and she whisper to herself it's supper time. The witch is trying to trick them to into the oven but Hansel and Gretal are to smart. Sohansel is trying to convine the witch too look in to the oven by saying its not hot enough, so she bent over and Gretal kick her in, and she burnt.

The end

Friday, 28 June 2013

Reading Reflection #14

Hey guys.

The hunger games still, im on chapter 13 and about 185 pages. Im on the part when Katniss just got some water.
The career tributes are near her.
Katniss is worried the tributes are near.
I read mockingjay well a bit anyway, when Katniss overthrew the Capitol.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The week when everything disappeared

Once upon a time

There were a group of boys that went to school named, Nick, Ethan and Ram. Everytime they went to school it was always the same. But one day when they all went to school, they all said, something feels wrong, after about Five minutes they figured out what was wrong, something is missing from the class. When the bell rang Ram, Nick and Ethan were talking about the thing that was lost, Nick said "it must have been a computer?", then Ethan said "no it can't be, maybe it was some pens or some buckets?" and then finally Ram said that they should go inside and have a look.

After a while they found out that it was some Dictionaries and it's book shelf. They told their teacher Stephanie that some Dictionaries were missing and then she said "you guys are over reacting". Infact they weren't. The next day when they came to school, something else was missing and they knew it straight away, it was the maths book shelf, "it isn't in the class"  Ram said. Ethan pointed out something else is missing and then the gang all said at the same time "THE PROJECTOR IS MISSING!!!" when Stephanie came in and she said in a surprised voice "what happened to our projector" Nick said "someone took it out and stole it".

The gang went into class and said "what happened to our couch and bin bags" they said it to Stephanie when she came too class and she had a surprised face when she saw our couch gone. Ram, Nick and Ethan went to a diffrent class at lunch because they just wanted to roam around, when they got to room 18, they were having the same problem as them. The kids in room 18 said to Ram, "things our missing from our class do you know what happened to them," then Ram replied "the same thing happened to our class". When the bell rang everyone was going to assembly.

After a few minutes to clean up, room 15 finally goes to assembly. When they got in, all the teachers look concerned because stuff from their class have disappeared. At the end of assembly the principle had some secret news, she said " sorry about the inconvenience," everyone gasp and she continued "we were just changing the projectors and rearranging the furniture." and everyone said " oh that's what happened. " and then they got told offed because they were all talking and then they all went home.

That's what happened.
The end.

Friday, 14 June 2013

#13 of Reading Reflections

Im up to the arena in the hunger games Katniss is getting ready in the catacombs, she being lifted up on the tubes.
She is getting a pep talk from Cinna her stylist.
Important also getting a new book,  A captain underpants book, I've read every saga except for the latest.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Night Zoo Keepers Problem.

The Zoo is closed everyone is gone but the two night Zoo Keepers, when the Zoo Keepers where walking around the Zoo a loud sound woke every animal that was already asleep. The lions and tigers were really angry and made a big ROARRRRRRR!!! Josh the night Zoo keeper said to Tom the other night Zoo keeper to split up, so Josh went to the gift shop checking if its there but all he saw we're just foot prints leading to a window, Josh grabbed a tranquilaser  and followed it to the Zoo keepers out post and shot it, it was a monkey.

Friday, 7 June 2013

12 Reading Reflection

Well I coudn't read much this week because I needed to start my recount late this week and I didn't get to read on the other days because we didn't have time. I was goingnto read on Wednesday but we started basic facts before I got the chance.

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Hey guys It's Jullian here, I hope you enjoy this story/recount.

I woke up from getting ready for school, im eating my healthy breakfast of toast and cornflakes. I finish drinking the rest of my milk and went to go brush my teeth and got dress for school.

When I got to school my heart was beating really fast remembering that cross country is on today but I have relief because of my friend Luke telling me some jokes. We go into class talking about cross country on. Just before the bell rings we get change for cross country.
Finally the bell rang and im shaking to the bone. Luke and I just played some kicks with a rugby ball to calm us down.

The bell rings and we go to the hall  we watch a video  and one of the teachers just tells who is going first to last, he said the year 7s will go first, the girls start off while the rest of us are watching the video after about 7 minutes the year 7 boys go out and stretch before the run. Corban says are nervous to me and I say no because it's just a run, I reminded myself that and I wasn't shaking anymore.

Finally Mr. OC  calls us in, telling us when to go. When he blows his whistle for the next group and I run run RUN!!!
I do the block run in about 3 minutes and now the full course im still running  and when I get up the hill,  I run down, I am a bit fatigue but im keeping a slow pace.
When I get to the next hill I walk up because I got to tired but when I got up the hill I ran down  until I reach the other end of the bridge in the middle of the course.

I walked until about when I got to the next turn and I keep a slow jog until the next hill I ran down and I went back to a slow jog until about half way across the hill and I got to the top  and ran down the hill down then to the college then to school, running to the finish. I finish strong and got 114. I wish I got there earlier, though but I did try hard.

I just hang around with some friends till the bell rings.

The end of Cross-Country.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Eleven Reflections of Reading

Well hi guys im  still on hunger games but Im getting to the arena though.

Katniss and Peeta are just leaving, while Haymitch and Effie are already there. They are both nervous.
Im on chapter 10 page 145.  Im pretty sure that Peeta is still injured
Im also reading a bit of mockingjay when Katniss and Peeta overthrow the capitol.

Im about half way there  in hunger games

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Skill Break down

Well hello guys it's me Jullian.

I'm just gonna breakdown one of my skills, and the skill i'm gonna breakdown is my TAE-KWON-DO skill.
I am only doing the four basics kicks for this breakdown.

The first is just a normal kick which is called frontkick,
first get into a front stance which is just looking forward with a foot out.
Second lift up your knee leave your foot too follow.
That's a frontkick.

Next is a sidekick.
first get into a side stance which is just looking sideways and your feet turned.
Next get your knee up and push your leg out.
This how to do sidekicks.

The third one is a roundkick.
#1 get into a side stance which is at at the side kick one.
Next rotate your body 180 degrees
#3 put your leg out while your turning.

Last but not least a back kick
First just get into a side stance
Second move your back foot forward
#3 let your back foot (the foot that you haven't move yet) turn 90 degrees and kick straigh.
That's a back kick.

Those are the basics. See ya.

Friday, 10 May 2013

The 1st Reading Reflection of term 2. #9

Im still reading the hunger games because I forgot to bring home in the holidays but I have read some of the Mocking Jay book. If you haven't read this I don't look at the next paragraph.

Katniss overthrows the capital and Peeta is captured and tortured.

Im reading as fast as I can on the hunger games. Im just on chapter 8 though.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Last reading reflection of this term.

I'll be finishing the hunger games in the weekends  and i'll be reading the hunger games series  if I finish the first one.
I've read over 120 pages (it's little because I kept on losing my page).

I'll be getting some more books but a bit smaller, it's still chapter books though.

Monday, 15 April 2013

The scene of the crime

Hi officer.

Yesterday I witness a murder of a man that was just doing his job at the pawn shop, I went there to get a gift for my cousin and I saw a hooded man wearing a mask walk in and ask for the money, the man said no and the other man said i'll shoot and he pulls out a gun, I belive it was a glock pistol. I said no don't but he was ruthless and shot the man and took money, when he shot the man his mask and hood went back fell off so I saw his face and hair.
He had blonde hair and a beard, he had blue eyes and had a scar straight through his forehead down his eye.
I think he only came for the money, and some valuable stuff he can possibly sell in the black market.
He came at about noon.
He shot him and went east.

Friday, 12 April 2013

7th Reading reflection

This my 7th reading of term 1 (woo hoo)
I still haven't finsh my hunger games book but i'm almost
I gonna read the rest of it possibly in the holidays

I'm getting a new pack of books so I can read more.
The books i'm getting are big and small chapter books.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My lucky day

Once upon a time there was an unlucky girl named Hannah
Every day she went out to play it would rain
But one day she found a four leaf clover that gave her good luck
Because of that she can play outside now
Because of that she can play with her friends
Because of that she was very happy
Until finally she dropped her four leaf clover and a car dropped on her by the building next to her
Ever since then she had burial of her body
The moral of the story is don't drop a four leaf clover if your unlucky.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a boy named Billy B. Willy
Every day he would go to school alone
But one day a beautiful girl ask him out and he said yes
Because of that he never walks alone again
Because of that he is never lonely
Because of that he has a smile every single day
Until finally his girlfriend got run over by a bus and died
Ever since then he was so sad he never smiled again.
The moral of the story is look on both sides of the road.
                              The End.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Another reading reflection.

I started reading catching fire but only a bit of it I don't wanna spoil it.
Im still reading the hunger games and i'm also almost done (woo hoo).

Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Fifth Reading Reflection

This week I have been reading the hunger games (still), im up to chapter 9 which is almost to the end.
I'm gonna start reading Catching Fire the next novel of the hunger games (woo hoo).

Japanese Anime

I've always been a fan of Japanese anime, mostly the ones with action like e.g Naruto (Shippuden), Dragonball (Z,GT), Ultimate Muscle and Bleach. My favourite of all time would probably be Naruto Shippuden. I also watch movies of anime, they even make it out Naruto. I've been reading graphic novels of Dragonball, Naruto and another anime that I like One Piece, graphic novels are pretty much comics except its longer and it has chapters.

I usually watch anime on Youtube.com because they usually don't put it on TV anymore probably because they think no one watches them but they are wrong, I know hundreds of people in New Zealand that would watch it.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Fight

My fight
I'm getting ready to fight
TAE-KWON-DO tournament  is what i'm in
I'm up to fight
I was frightened by my opponent
He was as strong as a bull
When the ref started the fight my opponent was as quick as a cheetah
He went and kicked me Bang! Boom!
He is two points ahead and I kicked him Bang! Boom!
we were tied
when the time has gone pass we are in the 3rd round
he has the four point  lead so I kicked him again it was as strong as an elephant stomp so he fell down
when I was about too kick, the ref stop the match
and he won 1 point diffrence 14-13
we shook hands and that was the match, I still have one match to go
I took a rest drinking some water Gurgle Gurgle
I was as so thirsty I could drink the the ocean
I'm up again to my second match
The ref started the match, I took the first strike Bam!
I have 1 point thinking if I win I get a silver medal
after the round the points are still 1-0
we started again he took the first strike this time, tying us up
At the end I won winning me a silver medal 2-1.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Reflection for reading FOUR

Hi Ms. Thompson

I'm still on hunger games but I am half way there. I hope i'm getting my books soon.
I am getting the hunger games LUXURY EDITION!!!

I'm also getting my Tawa library card soon so I can get some books out.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Slendermans Haunted Forest

A long long time ago near the 1800's the widespread rumor of Slenderman, the scary man that haunts the forest, has reached the entrire world.

Since the rumor came out everyone has been on the look out for the mysterious Slenderman. Three kid Josh,  Nick and Jono heard about the rumor and figured  that their might be a reward for capturing the mysterious man.

Josh, Nick and Jono camped out at the woods and then when it hit midnight, they heard something so they checked it out. Bringing a net and some flashlights . they heard the noise again, they threw the net and caught something but it was just the four girls from their class, Giorgione, Sally-Ann, Helen and Teah.

After a few minutes, the girls were just explaining that they were camping out in the woods for their annual camp week but they got lost from their group so they just set their tent here for the first few nights. Giorgione said " can we go now"  to the boys Nick said "are you sure you dont want to stay?" to the girls.

After a few minutes, the girls made a decission to stay and move their tent for a few days. At night they agreed to be in groups when they go to the toilet because it was to dangerous.

Spooky forest in the morning

Friday, 1 March 2013

Reading reflection number 3

I'm still on the hunger games but the good news is I need one more page to get chapter 6 and another good news im getting the other two books, Mockingjay and Catching Fire LUXURY EDITION!!! I'm also getting the luxury edition Hunger Games too.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Second Reading Reflection

This week im still trying to finish the Hunger Games the good news is im a quarter of the way there. Im up to the chapter 5 when Katniss describes Venia the blue haired girl from the Capitol.
It been good since im in the 5th chapter of the Hunger Games and ive finish Captain Underpants its really great and funny.
I plan on finshing the Hunger Games and getting some new books to read like the rest of the Hunger Games trilogy.
I would reccomend this book to anyone that likes action sci-fi books.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Reading Reflection

I've been reading funny fiction books like Captain Underpants and Kung Fu Pigs. I've also been reading the hunger games which is a Sci-Fi book. Every book i've been reading this year are chapter books  that usually have over 200 pages.

I've been reading books that have over 200 pages and I read everyday when I get bored. I usually do an hour of reading every day.

The things I do like about my books are the funny scenes and sentences.
The things I dont like about my books are the slow starts of the begining.

The bo:oks Captain Underpants and Kung Fu Pigs are funny fiction books because everything in the book is fake.
The Hunger Games are Sci-Fi because its about a bad future about killing each other for sport ("Happy Hunger Games").