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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Reading Reflection

I've been reading funny fiction books like Captain Underpants and Kung Fu Pigs. I've also been reading the hunger games which is a Sci-Fi book. Every book i've been reading this year are chapter books  that usually have over 200 pages.

I've been reading books that have over 200 pages and I read everyday when I get bored. I usually do an hour of reading every day.

The things I do like about my books are the funny scenes and sentences.
The things I dont like about my books are the slow starts of the begining.

The bo:oks Captain Underpants and Kung Fu Pigs are funny fiction books because everything in the book is fake.
The Hunger Games are Sci-Fi because its about a bad future about killing each other for sport ("Happy Hunger Games").


  1. Hi Jullian

    It sounds like you are already a marathon reader. Great to hear.

    You know sometimes when I get bored with a book I often read the last few chapters and then read the book from where I stopped. Do you do that?

    Hunger Games has to be my favourite book from 2013. Aside from killing people what do you think hunger games is really about?


    1. Thanks Stephanie for the comment.
      What I really think of the Hunger games is Drama, Love and action.


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