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Friday, 22 February 2013

Second Reading Reflection

This week im still trying to finish the Hunger Games the good news is im a quarter of the way there. Im up to the chapter 5 when Katniss describes Venia the blue haired girl from the Capitol.
It been good since im in the 5th chapter of the Hunger Games and ive finish Captain Underpants its really great and funny.
I plan on finshing the Hunger Games and getting some new books to read like the rest of the Hunger Games trilogy.
I would reccomend this book to anyone that likes action sci-fi books.


  1. Hi Jullian,
    You know the Hunger Games was my favourite book of 2013. I really loved the ideas of friendship and courage that are in the book. What has been your favourite moment so far?


  2. Well I dont know yet, I guess we'll halve to wait till I finished


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