I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The week when everything disappeared

Once upon a time

There were a group of boys that went to school named, Nick, Ethan and Ram. Everytime they went to school it was always the same. But one day when they all went to school, they all said, something feels wrong, after about Five minutes they figured out what was wrong, something is missing from the class. When the bell rang Ram, Nick and Ethan were talking about the thing that was lost, Nick said "it must have been a computer?", then Ethan said "no it can't be, maybe it was some pens or some buckets?" and then finally Ram said that they should go inside and have a look.

After a while they found out that it was some Dictionaries and it's book shelf. They told their teacher Stephanie that some Dictionaries were missing and then she said "you guys are over reacting". Infact they weren't. The next day when they came to school, something else was missing and they knew it straight away, it was the maths book shelf, "it isn't in the class"  Ram said. Ethan pointed out something else is missing and then the gang all said at the same time "THE PROJECTOR IS MISSING!!!" when Stephanie came in and she said in a surprised voice "what happened to our projector" Nick said "someone took it out and stole it".

The gang went into class and said "what happened to our couch and bin bags" they said it to Stephanie when she came too class and she had a surprised face when she saw our couch gone. Ram, Nick and Ethan went to a diffrent class at lunch because they just wanted to roam around, when they got to room 18, they were having the same problem as them. The kids in room 18 said to Ram, "things our missing from our class do you know what happened to them," then Ram replied "the same thing happened to our class". When the bell rang everyone was going to assembly.

After a few minutes to clean up, room 15 finally goes to assembly. When they got in, all the teachers look concerned because stuff from their class have disappeared. At the end of assembly the principle had some secret news, she said " sorry about the inconvenience," everyone gasp and she continued "we were just changing the projectors and rearranging the furniture." and everyone said " oh that's what happened. " and then they got told offed because they were all talking and then they all went home.

That's what happened.
The end.

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