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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Eleven Before Eleven

Hello People,
Eleven before Eleven is (in a short explanation) is eleven things that you should do, before turning eleven.

So 1st is travel the world when your still young, embrace the world.
You should  do this so you can learn new cultures.

2nd is probably go for Big holiday at the end of every year. 
Because you need to have fun and relax.

3rd would be to meet alot people (kids) and be friends with them, make friends and they can help, Friends are forever guys just remember that
They can be succesful in the future and they can help you out.

Number 4 is play alot sports before turning old.
Because when you're old you won't be able to move as quickly and your mind will think more quickly.

#5 Swimming with sharks (in a cage) in the aquarium 
Because it would be cool and you might get over your fear of sharks.

Number 6 is meet famous people.
Because it's an experience you will never forget.

7  read a whole lot of books
Because they can teach a lot of things that help you

8 is go to camp  with some good friends
Cause camp is cool.

9 Sky dive to school
Because it seems cool and I always wanted to try it.

#10 Go to school trip to The Gamers museum.

Number 11 is to enjoy life being young.
Cause youth is important.

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